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Permark UltraEssence®

Permark UltraEssence® Machine & Accessories

Permark UltraEssence® Pen

Permark UltraEssence®

The UltraEssence provides precise digital needle speed which provides uniform pigment application throughout the procedure. The device can be set to manual mode by selecting one of four preset and programmable buttons. The foot pedal can be used to provide on demand speed variation. The UltraEssence is constructed of thick aluminum to create a solid, stable and secure device platform that will not slide or move during a procedure. The user screen has a touch panel for programming the machine to specifi c settings based on the procedure being performed and provides an LED screen for easily legible information including needle speed, procedure time and total machine time. The straight design precision hand piece accommodates all 53 shades of Permark pigments as well as all 12 needle variations. With so many features, options and variations the UltraEssence is the only micropigmentation device your spa or medical facility will ever require.


  • Includes Power Control Unit
  • Hospital grade medical casing
  • Programmable pre-set speed settings
  • Procedure time tracking
  • LED display screen
  • Powerful microprocessor can provide speeds up to 185 insertions per second
  • Hand piece can be dissembled for cleaning
  • Hospital grade power cord
  • Includes 3 nosecones
  • Variable speed Precision Handpiece
  • Accomodates all 12 Permark needles and 53 pigment shades
  • Straight design for maximum comfort and function
  • Reciprocating needle mechanism
  • Nose cone options for accurate depth control
  • Ability to sterilize by autoclave
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