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OSADA XL Machine & Accessories


The OSADA XL Series Electric Handpiece Systems are versatile instruments utilizing a Table-top Power Control Box with a choice of optional Foot Controls, compatible with the OSADA IRRIGATION DISPENSER, specifically designed for surgical applications.


  • Model XL-15W with 800-15,000 RPM
  • Model XL-30W with 1,500-30,000 RPM
  • Quiet, Cool, Well Balanced Micro-motor with air cooling through “Double Shell” body construction, permitting continuous operation without over-heating.
  • Optional Autoclavable Motor Casings in two sizes, for extended sterile field and easy cleaning
  • A wide array of Interchangeable Handpieces, including Straight Handpieces with protective Nose Cones, for versatility in surgical applications.
  • A simple electrical hook up with the independent OSADA Irrigation Dispenser, offering a completely portable set which can be activated simultaneously.


Code Description
P600880 Disposable Silicone Disc (set of 5)
P600881 Face Shields
P600882 Cleaning Brush
P600885 Non-Clean Lubricating Spray
P600893 Power Activated Punch – 1.0-6.0/.25mm 6.0-12.0/.5mm
P600894 Alttrephine Punches – 2.5-5.0/.25
P600888 OSADA Lubricating Spray
P600900 Clean-A-Diamond
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