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sEEG Electrodes

sEEG Placement Kit

sEEG Electrode

sEEG Electrodes

The sEEG Depthalon depth electrode is a small diameter depth electrode with up to 16 contacts. It is 30% smaller in diameter than conventional depth electrodes which make them less invasive. PMT sEEG depth electrode placement procedure is shorter due to minimized steps for the anchor bolt and electrode.

sEEG Depthalon Epilepsy Electrodes Features

  • Less invasive due to a smaller diameter (0.8mm).
  • Offered with removable stylet or permanent stylet.
  • Stocked on the shelf ready to ship.
  • Available blank cap to stop CFS leakage through the anchor bolts before sEEG implantation.
  • 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 contact options available
  • Our anchor bolts attach to the anchor bolt driver and defies gravity during insertion. They are also designed to reduce rotation of the sEEG electrode during tightening of the cap.
  • Placement procedure is shorter due to minimized steps for anchor bolt and electrode placement.
  • PMT offers stereotactic placement kits to work with nearly every major stereotactic frame/system.

Available Options

Contact PMT for available options.


All sEEG electrode placement kits listed are for use with a 2.4mm drill bit. For 2.1mm accessories please contact PMT.

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