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ALLURA® Vaginal Stent

ALLURA® Vaginal Stent

ALLURA® Vaginal Stent

Intended to maintain the vaginal canal following radiological treatment or surgical procedures, ALLURA® assists in restoring, enlarging or creating a vagina.


  • Made of an implant grade silicone shell and foam core, which is designed to expand and maintain the shape of the vagina without causing the patient additional discomfort
  • Incorporates a locking ball check valve. This is able to be connected directly to a filling syringe, allowing the stent to be filled with sterile saline or air
  • Integrated drainage tube is capable of being connected directly to a syringe to facilitate surgical site irrigation
  • Allura® is a single patient-use device, supplied sterile and intended for up to 90 days of use.
  • Allura® is currently only available for patients 18+

Allura® is offered in seven different standard sizes. If your patient has a specific requirement we are able to design a specialty Allura® Vaginal Stent to fill your patient’s needs. Please contact your PMT product specialist for more information.

Suture Tab option available with all standard models by adding (-T) to the end of the model number for ordering.

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