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    Premium Medical Device Provider
    PMT is a leading manufacturer of products for Neurosurgery,
    Orthopaedics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
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    PMT Halo System
    The PMT® Corporation’s Halo system is the most reliable, easy to use and effective
    Halo structure available. This Halo system is designed to provide optimal patient
    comfort and healing. Compared to spinal fusion, Halo fixation allows the body to
    naturally repair itself at a reduced cost.
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    AccuNav® Neuronavigation
    Accunav depth electrode has been developed to allow surgeons the ultimate
    advancement in epilepsy electrode intracranial placement. The Accunav is an all
    new depth electrode that was specifically designed and produced for use with
    electromagnetic and optical neurnavigation systems.

Our Devices

PMT® is a leading manufacturer and distributor in the technology of

Neurosurgery & Orthopedic Division

PMT® is your source for Neurosurgery and Orthopedic instruments and devices. We develop, manufacture and distribute the highest quality Subdural Epilepsy Electrodes, Cervical Traction Halo Systems, Cervical orthosis collars, Lumbo Sacral Orthoses, and Surgical Instruments.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Division

PMT® is a leading manufacturer and distributor in the technology of plastic and reconstructive surgery products. We carry a complete line of quality tissue and breast expanders, port locaters, microsurgical background material, Gel Sheeting and GelShapes®.

PERMARK® – Micropigmentation

PMT/Permark offers a complete line of Micropigmentation and Dermabrasion devices, supplies and equipment. We offer 53 sterile pigment shades, 12 different sterile needle configurations, dermabrasion accessories, training videos, soothing skin gels and topical anesthetics. We also carry Endomark™, a sterile gastric ink marker, for Gastroenterologists.

Featured Products

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