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GraphComp™ 1210 Traction Tong

Graphcomp™ Traction Tong

GraphComp™ 1210 Traction Tong

The Model 1210 GraphComp™ Traction Tong puts more diagnostic tools at your disposal including clear MRI and CT scanning. The tong is made of carbon graphite and the pressure pins are made of titanium, making the set not only MRI and CT compatible, but also exceptionally strong and lightweight for the maximum strength to weight ratio. Model 1210 is available in three sizes (S, M & L) to fit all patients. The tong arrives sterile and ready to use in case of an emergency.


  • Carbon-graphite tong with titanium pins
  • Available in three sizes: S, M & L
  • Tong arrives sterile
  • Self-pressure pins


  • MRI & CT compatible
  • Fits ALL patients
  • Ready to use immediately
  • Does not require a torque driver or adjustment. No additional equipment needed.


Model Size Description
1210-2 Small 4”–6”(10–15cm) Supplied with 2 1/2” pins
1210-4 Medium 4 3/4”–7” (12–18cm) Supplied with 3” pins
1210 Large 5 1/4”–7 1/2” (13–19cm) Supplied with 2 1/2” pins
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