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Cervical Traction Halo Systems
Cervical Orthosis Collars
Neurosurgical Electrodes
TruScan MR Surface Electrodes
MacroVac, MicroVac & InVac
PMT Surgical Suction Instruments

Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Division

PMT® Corporation is the premier supplier of custom neck and back bracing products. The Cervmax™ Collar is a comfortable cervical orthosis collar that provides maximum stabilization for the patient.  The PMT® Halo System has been developed to provide Doctors and Orthotists with safe and easy application procedures as well as quality MR and CT imaging capabilities.  XXL to pediatric vest sizes are available to fit virtually any body type.  The ILSO/ITLSO consists of a semi-rigid anterior shell made of polyethylene and a rigid posterior shell made from copolymer and a unique positionable airbag.  PMT can ship patient specific product within 24-48 hours of receipt of measurements.  The wide variety of styles allows doctors a choice of key features to accommodate diagnostic requirements.  We also offer Cortac™, cortical electrodes and Depthalon™, depth electrodes for epilepsy intraoperative monitoring; microsurgical, irrigation and PMT Surgical suction instruments. Our nationwide direct sales force is available 24 hours a day to assist you in meeting your specific patient's needs..

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